Whole Plant Hemp (CBD) Oil

When we craft hemp extracts, we use the whole plant. Meaning our broad-spectrum hemp extracts retain all the nutrients, cannabinoids, and unique terpene profiles the source-plants have to offer. And all our oils are made by us on our farm. Ensuring an excellent, consistent, safe, and accountable product.

Our extracts are 10x the potency of standard herbal products. We curate and create exceptional blends by combining our hemp oils with other healing herbs grown right in our garden. We are dedicated to making the cleanest most organic products on the planet.

Revive & Restore Balms

With a mission to bring relief to your muscles and joints, our Revive & Restore Balms start from organically grown hemp that is distilled into CBD oil in its purest form.

Ruby J’s

Crafted for the aficionado our harvested hemp flower is cured for optimal taste and smoothness.

Artisian Tinctures

For centuries humans have used tinctures for their powerful and concentrated healing properties. Typically tinctures can be only be used on their own sublingually (under the tongue). Due to our nanosphere formula, our tinctures are water-soluble. Meaning you can drop them in any beverage and still consume all the available nutrients from the plant.

Capsules & Vegan Pills

Our wildcrafted herbal capsule are made with our own premium quality herbs and botanicals.


Whether you’re starting your day strong or decompressing in the evening, it’s tea time at Ruby Farms.

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