The Mushroom Boom

Simply put, mushrooms are magic.

Why do we incorporate mushrooms into our products?

Simply put, mushrooms are magic. They are food. They are medicine. They are ancient and complex living organisms that have played various critical roles in preserving, promoting, and evolving life on earth.

And in one form or another, people have always known that. Mushrooms have been essential parts of medicine and food for centuries, healing and nourishing humans throughout history. Now, with scientific research backing the fungi, we have hard-proof of just how powerful, helpful, healthful, and wonderful mushrooms are.

So what specifically do mushrooms do for us?

There are three key areas where mushrooms undeniably help humans to live healthier lives.

  1. Immunity: Mushrooms are packed with a myriad of nutrients and compounds that support our immune system. Reishi is one such mushroom. Reishi’s compound, triterpene, both repairs and strengthens the immune system.
  2. Memory & Focus: Mushrooms like lion’s mane improve mental clarity and focus. Specifically, lion’s mane produces nerve growth factor (NGF), a neurotrophic protein that helps essential brain functions. Lion’s mane even protects the nervous system, enhancing our literal mind + body connection.
  3. Full Body Support: Beyond immunity & mental + nervous system enhancement, mushrooms also support many other aspects of a healthy and proactive life. E.g., chaga reduces LDL (“bad cholesterol”), thus supporting cardiovascular health, and also fights oxidative stress thus reducing signs of aging.

We believe in a strong foundation when it comes to health and wellness. A lot of what ails us can start in our core, our gut. And if what ails us doesn’t start there, chances are treating our gut will still be very helpful.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s all this about my gut?”

Humans have what is called a microbiota, in our gut and on our skin. A microbiota is an ecosystem of microbes. Our various microbiotas are made up of trillions of cells (microbes) including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Our microbiotas are essential to human health and we have them since birth.

“Gut flora” may be a phrase you’ve heard recently. Our gut flora is our microbiota. Microbiome is another word you may be hearing more of these days. The word “microbiome” refers to all the genes inside the that our microbiota comprises, microbial cells like bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Our gut and its microbiota are fundamental to overall health. Bacteria in our gut’s microbiota produce a multitude of neurotransmitters such as dopamine (related to pleasure and our abilities to think and plan), norepinephrine (related to blood pressure), acetylcholine (related to muscle contraction, pain response, endocrine regulation, and REM sleep), and GABA (related to regulating anxiety and mood).

And just to hit the nail on the head here: our bodies’ microbiotas contain fungi. And consuming mushrooms enhances and enriches our microbiotas.

There is no greater proof of how intrinsically and inextricably linked humans are to mushrooms. They are part of us and our complete lifecycle.

Whether it’s an immune system issue or a gut issue, mushrooms work synergistically with our bodies to improve quality of life. And that’s why we infuse various species of mushrooms into our hemp extracts.

Explore our mushroom-packed products and see how you can benefit from the mushroom boom.

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