Why Ruby Farms?

With the recent change in USDA Hemp Regulations, traceability and accountability are the keys to consumer trust and loyalty. The good news is that regulation is coming, but we’re not there yet.

Unfortunately, the hemp CBD market has had very little regulation and accountability. In effect, paving the path for dishonest and fraudulent products.

In the overwhelming majority (if not all) of hemp products from the time it’s a seed to the time it’s in your hand has touched multiple companies and changed hands multiple times without 100% traceability and transparency.

In most cases, the hemp is grown, usually in acreage by a farmer, then it gets harvested and regularly sent to a third-party processing facility. It’s at these facilities where hemp becomes CBD oil. These third-party facilities, however, have minimal and lax regulations. This sadly allows for a shockingly compromised part of the production process — and very early on at that.

After the CBD oil is made it’s handed off again. This time to “white labelers.” Most white labelers in the hemp CBD space have infrastructure and backgrounds in the nutraceutical world, AKA vitamins. Another rad flag. The nutraceutical industry has minimal regulations and unfortunately is known to have low ethical standards. 

And sure, most compliant hemp products are third-party tested and come with COA’s. But there is absolutely no way currently to know if those lab results truly match the product that the customer is digesting. To put it bluntly: there is no way to prove the customer is buying the same product that labs test.

Thankfully this is a problem the FDA and USDA have already addressed and are working on a plan. From farm to table, all of our products are made and tracked by Ruby the entire time. All of our products are certified USDA organic. Though you may see the word “organic” on other products, if the product doesn’t carry the USDA green organic logo, it’s most likely a fraudulent organic product. And you should be aware.

Ruby Farms products start from our proprietary hemp seed, bred for specific terpene and compound profiles. We then grow our hemp, harvesting and curing carefully and properly. 

All of our hemp (CBD) oil is extracted right on our farm. That farm-made oil then goes directly into our products which are packaged by us directly on Ruby Farms. All of our products have full transparency and traceability back to the original harvest batch. 

Each product’s unique Hemp ID can be traced, by you the customer, with multiple third-party testing services. You can rest assured that you’re consuming a compliant, safe, and pure product — certified USDA organic.

When you get something from Ruby Farms, you get our all.